360 degree video is an immersive video experience that captures a real world scene, and allows the viewer to explore the video by looking in any direction.

YouTube and Facebook now provide distribution channels for viewers to easily access and immerse themselves in a virtual video experience.

Through the use of a mobile device, headset or even their own computer the viewer can explore and engage with 360 degree video content simply by moving their device or their head left, right, up, down in fact in any direction.

Smoke has the capability to shoot and edit high quality 360 degree video content. From architectural walk throughs of a building, to unique education and training content, to content for tourism, PR and social engagement.

To get the most out of this content view using Chrome or Firefox or on your mobile device here: spotthedangers


It is an Australian first for a utility company Smoke worked with Energex to create three unique 360 degree video experiences. The viewer is challenged to ‘Spot the dangers’ in a gamified 90 second 360 degree video. How long will it take for you to spot the real danger?