BOOM!! It’s out. The Queensland Government’s Start Playing Stay Playing campaign that we have been working on is live. Whilst creating this campaign we have met many, many inspiring women from all around Queensland. Thank you to all (180+) of you that were instrumental in making this happen… and of course a massive thank you to the team that helped bring this campaign to life:
Damien Herse, Gerard Williams, Tricia Scanlan, Rem Bruijn, Hailey Bartholomew, MKO Sun, Kate Cook, Tyler McLoughlan, Brendan Shambrook, Gypsy Julia, Warren Eagles, Annika Salisbury, Ash Harding, Shelley Roach, Katrin Hummel, Bruno Ribeiro Profeta, Apirana Ipo Te Maipi, Ben Vlad, Penny Evans, Greg Howell, Kate Purcell, Sharon Hodges, Ray Ebert, Toni Peters, Richard Watson, Tamara O’Shea and anyone we have missed – THANK YOU